Welcome TO Magnetminds

Abirami Vivek is a first generation entrepreneur, a visionary Management Graduate and a Psychologist with Specialization in child Psychology. She founded Visva Vidya Mandir in April 2009 with a vision to Nurture and nourish the young minds towards building a better future for themselves and the Nation. Visva Vidya Mandir partnered with Educomp Solutions to launch the first Little Millennium Pre School in Chennai to provide a proven system of early childhood education.

The Eight year alliance with Educomp came to an end in March 2017.

Magnet Minds is the new name christened by Abirami for the new initiative of a Pre School with a Squirrel as the Mascot.

Providing students with quality education with equal emphasis on Co-Curricular activities would enable them to be prepared to face life ahead. During the early years children have the golden opportunity to receive quality education, not only to improve themselves as worthy individuals but also to contribute to the Development of the Society as a Whole

  • It is very essential to nuture the brain at very early learning
  • Every Child is unique,everyone thinks differently – We understand their uniqueness and attend to them individually
  • To Support the working parents we operate a Day Care in a homely Atmosphere where we provide healthy food
  • Our Pre school focuses on a Neuro Scientific proven methodologies
  • Proven Curriculum
  • 1:10 Adult to child ratio in the school and 1:5 in the Day Care
  • Provide Healthy & nutritional food to our day care children
  • Individual Attention
  • Hygienic and Airconditioned Environment
  • Parents are not Customers, we replicate their duties
  • Creating more awareness in the Children

Our Mission

We believe in holding a childs hand ,touch the heart and enlighten the mind.

Our Vision

To build a future generation with Indian roots and build a stronger nation.